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4 Great Recipes to Create a Delicious Restaurant Menu Design


Your restaurant menu design extends far further than your awesome logo on the front. It can influence what people buy and how much they spend. There’s something of a fine art to menu design and the top eateries will spend thousands of dollars on a single design.

We’re going to give you our guide on improving your restaurant’s menu.


1.    Put the Drinks First


Restaurants tend to use their meals as a loss leader. They make their money back on high prices for drinks. It makes sense to try to sell as many drinks as you possibly can. Try putting your drinks as the first item on the menu, even before the appetizers. For a start, most people order drinks before their appetizers arrive. Secondly, it’s the psychological effect of being in front of everything else. Their position compels people to buy.


2.    Remove the Dollar Sign


Menus with dollar signs have a habit of discouraging people from spending more. A dollar sign represents real money in your wallet. A price without the dollar sign is just a random number. You don’t instantaneously associate it with money. And that’s where people stop being careful about what they’re ordering. It lulls them into a false sense of security and removes the concentration they have on their food.

Try this restaurant menu design and see if your customers start to spend more.


3.    Concentrate on Words


A lot of the best design ideas say you should replace your text-based content with pictures. The problem is without a story for each dish you’re only giving your customer what they see on the menu. These glamour shots rarely resemble what you actually get on the table, so it’s going to leave them disappointed.

Your diners have time before they order, so they aren’t window shopping. You don’t need lots of pictures on your restaurant menu design to catch their eye. Once they’re in the restaurant you already have them right where you want them, so try out this brochure design idea.


4.    Three Sizes


Offer an additional ‘medium’ size as part of your restaurant menu design. Studies show most people prefer to act average. They don’t want to be different from everyone else. By offering a healthy balance between small and large options, you’re potentially increasing your profits with every order.

Little touches like this on your restaurant meal design appeals to people. They want to fit in with the crowd. Get your professional designer in Sribu to consider aspects like this.


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