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9 Irresistible Tips on How to Deliver a Killer Elevator Pitch

Pitching business ideas can sometimes be a pain in a bottom. It may sound scary, nerve-wracking, you name it. Elevator Pitch is the common term for strategically presenting your business ideas in front of potential investors in a relatively limited time. And, that could be nerve-wracking, scary, you
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7 Signs Your Website Needs to Be Redesigned

“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes,” said Louis L'Amour. Touché! This also applies to a web design as it should be able to adjust over time. Nowadays, it will be ridiculous for a company to not consider a website as a pivotal element for succeeding in business. As
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How to Use Visuals on Social Media (Effectively) and Drive Tons of Traffic

The idea is pretty simple: sharing great visuals on social media will drive tons of traffic to the website, and eventually, it will actually turn into revenue. But here’s the thing: great pictures are not equal to beautiful pictures; but great pictures should always be effective. Now, here are
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SEO Article: Let’s Make Soft-Selling Articles Less Annoying

What do you think when I said ‘SEO article’? Do you think about high traffic? Low quality article? Boring reads?     To drive more traffic into website and increase SEO rank for the website, people usually publish articles that contain some keywords that had been researched
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15 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing Writing

Emails are great. They’re the windows to the many parts of the world. If you are a marketer, emails are the pitchfork, the weapon of choice. So, if your emails aren’t that good, then they won’t lead to any open window. It is important to have a great email experience whether you’re a diplo
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Indonesia’s Small and Medium Enterprises Dominates Freelancer Service Demands

Over 2.300 survey respondents were small and medium enterprises   The humongous gap between the population of productive age in Indonesia and new job availability pushes productive workers to innovate and create their own jobs. Thus, a huge number of small and medium enterprises emerges i
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