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[Infographic] Color Selection to Reach Your Target Market

To gain success at certain brand, you can’t miss a series of marketing activities which is often done in various ways. From doing lucky prize promotion event to product sample giveaway. All those activities requires a customized design so that your brand will have a clear identity and easily recognized by the people. Visual factor on a product has up to 92% impact on target market’s purchasing decision. That’s why your next design should be able to help you to attract your designated target market.

Realizing the importance of how a design can reach your target market, it’s essential for us to know the most dominant aspect to attract target market’s attention. Color is one of the dominant aspect of a design. Color was also proven to leverage brand recognition by 80%. Thus, Sribu will share an infographic on how your brand can approach the target market by using the right design.


Hopefully this infographic may guide you to use the best dominant color for your design so that you can attract your target market’s attention. Just in case you need the statistics and the facts about the infographic’s data, please have a look at the following points:

–  Visual factor has an effect by 92% in the process of purchasing decision << tweet this!

–  Color may leverage brand recognition by 80% << tweet this!

–  Every color has their own character which could be matched with the target market << tweet this!

To see the infographic’s data source, please check the following link:


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