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How to Become a Professional Freelancer in Sribulancer

How to Become a Professional Freelancer in Sribulancer


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Working as a Freelancer has increasingly become a popular choice across all kinds of labor markets around the world. This is because you have 5 major advantages that you do not have when you are a full-time company employee, such as: freedom of time, receiving multiple job projects at once, doing the job that you like, determining the fee that you charge and working at home with the company of your family.


However, one problem that is commonly experienced by a Freelancer everywhere is job inconsistency. Somedays, Freelancers might get a lot of jobs on their desk but on other days, there might not be any jobs at all.


Well fear not because Sribulancer is here to help you. Here are 8 important tips you can follow in order to consistently get clients, jobs & earnings as a Freelancer in Sribulancer.



  1. Create a Professional Personal Profile


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Write your Personal Profile honestly & clearly by focusing on your most important skills & abilities.


  • Put a profile photo that is clear, professional & up-to-date. Moreover, update your profile photo every 2 months to show your progress & development.



  1. Put your Portfolio


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Your Personal Portfolio showcases your knowledge and ability in the field of work that you applied to in Sribulancer.


  • Put your best portfolios at the top.
  • Always update your Portfolio immediately after completing a job.
  • One Portfolio is never enough, put more!



  1. Understand the Job Brief





Make sure you know the scope of the job & capabilities that are needed to complete along with the end result expected by your Client.


  • If the brief is not clear, ask for an example of a previous work that has been made.



  1. Know Your Client’s Brand


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Know the name of the company, the brand that is being used & the products or services that are being sold by your Client. All of this information will ensure that you can produce work that matches the selling point of the brand.


  • Do your own personal research regarding your Client’s brand.



  1. Provide Your Best Result


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The quality of your work should exceed the expectations of your Client. This will determine whether or not your Client would refer to you for more jobs or even recommend you to other Clients.


  • Ask feedback on each job you submit and pay attention on the reviews & ratings given to you by your clients.



  1. Complete Your Jobs On Time Or Even Earlier




Make sure you can manage your schedule from start to finish according to the work scope & deadline set by your Client. Ensure that you have sufficient time to complete each job while at the same time maintaining the best quality of the work.


  • Never accept jobs that are too hasty and can lead to miss deadlines or a decline in your quality of work. This will affect the reviews you will get from your clients.



  1. Pro-Actively Communicating

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Always be polite, calm & friendly when interacting with your Client. Ensure that you are always in contact with your client when doing your job and ask if anything needs confirmation.


  • When the Client contacts you, reply as soon as possible.



  1. Willing to Receive Feedback & Make Corrections

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During the work course, there will surely be requests for corrections and/or changes by the Client. Always be flexible in this aspect of your work.


  • When the Client asks for a correction & you are not clearly comprehending the request, ask them to explain it again so that you do not repeat the same mistake.




Isn’t it easy to become a Professional Freelancer in Sribulancer?


Besides that, transacting in Sribulancer is absolutely safe!


Sribulancer protects both Client & Freelancer as well as provides payment certainty for the work that has been completed. This is done through several means:


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  • Client will pay the total job fee to Sribulancer when the deal has been made.
  • Funds paid by the Client will be stored in the escrow system until the job is done.
  • Sribulancer will pay the Freelancer after the job is completed.


Using these processes, payment will never be a problem in Sribulancer. Moreover, we always encourage Clients to transact & work in Sribulancer to guarantee the security of your transaction.


So what are you waiting for,





it’s time for you to join our community of Freelancers and add some sources to your income!


Register yourself right away as a Freelancer in Sribulancer and ensure that your career & earnings matches your expectations.








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