13 Useful Tips for Eye-Catching Label Design


Your label design can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor. You have to make the right impression. Let’s take a look at some tips for making your label design eye-catching.


1.    Color Branding


Use color to stand out. Be consistent across the brand with color and make your label design easily noticeable.

2.    Images

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 Images work better than words. They communicate long paragraphs of description within seconds. Combine appropriate images with text.

3.    The Right Font


 Pick a font to make your label attractive. Again, make it consistent and avoid confusion by sticking to one or two fonts.

4.    Label Size is Essential

Label size is a point many designers forget about. Oversized and undersized label design options fail to catch the eye and make your product look foolish.

5.    Contact Information




 Always provide a way for people to contact you. Make sure they can ask any questions. It shows your label design offers proper support to customers.

6.    Legal Considerations


 By law certain products require information and various disclaimers on. Put this information as small as possible on the back. Your selling points should take up the majority of the design.

7.    Tell a Story


 Make your product stand out by making the label tell a story. This could be the story of your company’s founding or the inspiration for your product.

8.    Images for Products

 Segregate different products in the same range with different images. Keep everything else the same for consistency, though.

9.    Consider Fun Facts


 Fun facts make people think. For example, wine label designs reveal something about the wine making process.

10. Competitor Inspiration


 Look at what your competitors have done for some inspiration. See if you can spot flaws in their label design and aim to do it better.

11. Hire a Designer


 Bring in a professional designer to give you a hand. The input of another professional can reveal clever ideas you’d never considered before.

12. Small Changes and Preservation

 Avoid confusing your customers by making small changes throughout every redesign. If you want to get somewhere new, get there through small steps over a long period of time. You don’t want to alienate your loyal customer base.

13. Locality

Perform a market test in a small locality before spreading your changes out across your entire range. Simple surveys will tell you all you need to know about how good (or bad) your label design is.

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Ryan Gondokusumo
Ryan adalah CEO dan Founder dari Sribu.com. 11 tahun pengalaman di management, product development, strategic dan digital marketing