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5 Principal Recipe of Powerful Logo Design

A logo is something that the customer sees as the first thing about your website. A good logo is like the good first impression. Just as the first impression given by you is hard to change, same is the case with logo. A person who dislikes your logo is very unlikely to be your customer ever.

So if you’re a businessman or are starting up a new venture then it is a must that you go through these 5 principal rules of logo design so that you make that good first impression:


1. It should be unique and honestly depict your company.

First of all your logo must be unique i.e. the competitors should not have a logo that is similar to the one that you sport. It should depict your company in an elegant way and should you use a symbol in your logo then it should either relate to the business, name or what your motto is. Using an unnecessary symbol is a big no. Try to keep it subtle and professional. Here you can see how Yahoo changed their logo to reflect the new spirit of the company.


2. Do not divulge too much detail.

A logo is not a brochure, so you do not need to explain anything in your logo. The logo should create enough curiosity in your visitors to want to visit your store or site and know more about your products. The logo must be enigmatic and there should be no chance of anyone neglecting it.


3. It should do fine in Black and White.

It is a must for your logo to work well in black and white color. It is often required that the logo design be printed on grayscale and if your logo is not looking good in that then trust me it will not look good in colors also. Moreover cost of printing B/W logo’s is quite cheap than the other option.


4. The logo must be scalable.


The logo design of your company should be such that it looks good both in a business card and also in a big banner. The important point is that the logo should look good in all sizes. The usual “billboard/business card” rule is a good option to check the working of your logo.


5. It should be balanced artistically.

The logo design of your company must look balanced i.e. one part of the logo should not shadow the other part. The color scale and the fonts should be used accordingly. By clicking here you can find some artistic logo designs for your inspiration.

Moreover you can consider our very own portfolio of logos and be sure to check out another article which will give you more info on logo design.

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^ 5 Cardinal Rules of Logo Design

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