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7 Precise Formulas to Select PROFESSIONAL FREELANCER in Sribulancer

7 Precise Formulas to Select



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The biggest problem of entrepreneurs when using full time workers is that most of them have not been trained, so it takes time to hone their skills. Unfortunately, often after they are trained & skills have increased sharply – at the end they quit.


All the spent time, energy & expenses are wasted in vain.


The most suitable solution is to use the services of Freelancers who are experts in their field, who can be assessed through their portfolio & reviews. What is more advantageous, the Freelancer is only used when needed. So the Freelancer fee is just a non-fixed expense – not a fixed expense which must be incurred each month like employing a full time worker.


Well, there are 7 precise formulas that you must know to get a qualified Freelancer with satisfactory work, just as you can get it in Sribulancer. Let’s pay attention at the short guide below.


  1. Write the Brief Clearly & Detailed


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Write your brief clearly & in detail so that the Freelancer knows your job scope, deadlines & price offer. A clear & detailed brief will attract many qualified Freelancers.


  • Write your briefs in bullet points for easy reading & understanding. Clarify the expected outcomes that you aim for by providing sample references from the work which had been done.


  1. Submit Price Offer in Accordance With The Job Requirement


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Submit a fair price offer in accordance with the scope, quality of work & deadlines that you expect. In order for you to be correct in setting the price, please do comparison with similar jobs which has ever been submitted by another Client.


  • Be careful when submitting a low price below standard because perhaps inexperience Freelancer may apply for the job & effect the result.



  1. Choose Suitable Freelancer Candidates Profile


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Select the candidates profile by assessing the submitted proposal. From the proposal content, see the communication style & pay attention to the details shown by the candidate Freelancer as a factor for selection. Besides that, the capabilities of the candidates must match the job offered.


  • Make sure the selected candidates have the necessary communication skills when working online.


  1. Review The Candidates’ Proposal & Select The Fittest


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Review the proposals based on capability, experience, positive rating from Client, references & price offer. Finally, choose the fittest candidate with the capability that you are looking for.


  • Choose a candidate who has done similar work as what you are offering now & able to meet deadlines.


  1. Clearly Set the Deadline From The Beginning


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Make sure you ask the Freelancer to fulfill the deadline for completion.


  • Don’t ask the Freelancer to do more work than the scope on the brief. This may lead to unfulfilled deadlines & affect your reputation as a Client for not being transparent. Make sure the freelancer can commit the set deadline.


  1. Pro-Active Communication

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Immediately after appointing the job, communicate with your Freelancer in an easy to understand language. Reassure the fulfillment of the work scope & the expected outcome.  Depending on the complexity of the work, always be open for engagement & fulfill request of information several times.


  • When Freelancer ask questions because there are certain things still not understood, immediately explain without feeling being disturbed.


  1. Check the Results of Work, Give Feedback & Request Corrections if Necessary




After receiving the work results, immediately provide feedback to ensure the outcome are correct & according to expectation. If correction is required, immediately request a change in order to meet job timeline.


  • Make sure to check the outcome of the Freelancer work. If you agreed & the payment is done without cross checking, most likely it is difficult to request for a change or correction afterwards.


So, what do you think? I’m sure with such an easy & simple method, you must be thinking it’s time to try hiring Freelancer for your first project.


Another important thing in Sribulancer is guaranteed satisfaction result … or your money is back.


Sribulancer guarantees Client getting good quality work result through;


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  • When a Freelancer is selected & the fee is paid by the Client, funds will be stored in the escrow system until the work is done.
  • When the Client declares the job is done, then Sribulancer will pay to the Freelancer.


We strongly suggest that you always direct Freelancer to transact in Sribulancer.


So, what’s next?


By using Freelancer you can definitely save cost, time & energy.


With Freelancer, you are almost certain the results are better because the Freelancer that you have selected is having a clear track record from the portfolios which have been done & job reviews which have been received.


Moreover with Freelancer, you will be cost efficient because Freelancer fee is only a non-fixed cost. You pay when you need.


Ok, let’s get started!




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Ryan is the CEO of Sribu and Sribulancer. Has over 7 years experience in team building, product development, strategic marketing, digital marketing and retail.
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