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7 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter For Your Business

In this time of digital era, a website and social media presence became an integral part of your business’ marketing. You can attract potential clients and customers from your social media to your website where they can get the information they need about your product.

But of course, to get people to visit your website or to follow your social media account, you will need to include interesting contents to boost your inbound traffic.

And finally, to turn those visitors and followers into a loyal customer, you’ll need to maintain the quality of your website and social media content.

This is where hiring freelance or professional copywriter can help you.

You may be able to prepare the contents of your website and social media accounts by yourself. But there are reasons why you should consider to hire a copywriter:

  1. Creating Good Contents Takes Time

Do you know that the average time needed to write a blog post is two hours? That duration doesn’t include the time you need to create a great content plan.

Let’s face it, a good content doesn’t come in the blink of an eye. If you manage the contents of your website and social media accounts all by yourself, there’s a big chance you might not have enough time for the other aspects of your business, or even time for yourself.



So, just hire a copywriter to put some burden off your shoulders.

  1. You Need a Pair of Fresh Eyes

Nobody understands your business like you do, right? But that doesn’t mean you’re the perfect person to write about your business.

Hiring a copywriter can help you write about your business from the point of view of the customers, using a language that your customers will easily understand.



  1. No Need to Sweat ‘the Little Things’

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation may seem like trivial matter. But proofreading is important for the sake of SEO and to maintain the quality of your contents, especially because search engines are spelling and grammar sensitive.

In fact, typos and grammar errors can ruin your credibility and even decrease your sales. Hiring a copywriter who possess the necessary grammar skill can definitely help you produce contents with perfect grammar.


  1. Follow the Trend Quickly

One way to create an interesting content that engages potential customers is to use a topic that relates to the latest trend.


Hiring a copywriter will help you create contents with trending topics quickly before the current trend lost in the shuffle of ever-changing trends.

  1. Create a Variety of Content Formats

An article is not the only format of content out there. To create an engaging content, you can create a content using various formats, from article, video, images, infographics, etc.


It’s not impossible for you to hire a copywriter or an agency that can create contents in all those various formats eloquently.

  1. Short but Engaging

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds when visiting a web page. Therefore, you need a content that will engage visitors immediately, even just from skimming the headline or the first few sentences of your contents.

Hiring a copywriter will help you send your message clearly through your content in just a few short sentences, especially when you’re trying to create an informative tweet that’s limited to 140 characters.


  1. Increase Traffic

A blog that is regularly combined with social media marketing can increase traffic to your website up to 153%.

Of course, the content of your blog and social media must be able to entice visitors to be interested in your products. To produce a great content regularly, you definitely need to hire a copywriter.


If you’re considering to hire a copywriter, you have the option of hiring a copywriter or an agency to manage the writing of your blog, website, social media, and all of the other contents you need, or to outsource or hire a freelance copywriter on specific projects when you need them. Either way, hiring a copywriter will help you create a great content that will surely benefit your business.



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